Lobsang's Trekker Lodge


Yubeng Village is situated at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain Range. From Upper Yubeng, trekkers have access to the Base Camp, and Ice Lake hikes.

Legend has it that for centuries Yubeng Village was unknown to the outside world. One day, an old man arrived in Xidang Village near Lancang River (the Mekong River) and tried to buy highland barley from the villagers there. No one knew where he came from, so some of the villagers followed him when he left, but on the way over the mountain the old man disappeared.

Later, the old man came back to Xidang to buy food again. The villagers objected and told him “we aren’t going to sell you barley or wheat, but just some millet.” When they loaded the food for the old man, one of the villagers made small holes on the bags. After he started his journey back home, the old man was followed again. He didn’t realize that the holes in the bags had spilled the millet along the way. However, when he reached a huge rock, he disappeared. So the villagers pried up the rock and Yubeng Village was discovered.

Lobsang's Trekker Lodge ( 藏巴乐之家 ) is located in Upper Yubeng just as you enter the village after descending from Nazongla Pass. Call Lobsang to arrange a pick up in Xidang, or to make a reservation. Cell: 13988797053. 德钦梅里雪山雨崩

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  • "End of August 2012, we spent several days in Upper Yubeng, at Lobsgagang's trekker lodge. The view from the terrace, before the bedrooms, is great : mountains and the villages L..."
  • "We have been staying with Lobsang and his Family in Upper Yubeng for all of our treks for the past three seasons. The traditional atmosphere and comfortable lodgings add a lo..."
    Russ & Kesang